Historisches Museum Basel - Barfüsserkirche

Guilty. Crime. Punishment. People.

20.09.2012 - 16.06.2013

Guilty or not guilty, illegal or legal. Our perceptions of crime and criminals are changing all the time. Some types of behaviour that were once outlawed have now been decriminalized. Others, such as murder, have always been indictable offences. This exhibition looks at criminality, crime and criminal justice through the ages. It takes visitors on a journey through legal history passing several milestone cases en route. These include the arraignment of a cockerel, various cases of infanticide, witch trials, rebellion, high-profile crimes such as the bank robbery committed by Sandweg and Velte and even large police operations such as that during the 1969 tram sit-in. The criminal cases presented each shed light on how people lived at the time, how felons were dealt with and the prevailing notions of guilt, the law and justice.

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