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StrawGold - Cultural Transformations Rendered Visible

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Why should someone make a Bavarian dirndl from African cloths? Moreover, in what way are these dresses still African? The new permanent exhibition "StrawGold” sheds light on entangled stories of this kind: everyday items, technologies, materials, political and religious concepts as well as artistic modes of expression have become subject to global spread. In the process they are seized upon by local actors, appropriated creatively and woven into everyday life in many different and meaningful ways. What forces have ethnographic objects set free in our world? To answer this the museum will successively present works by artists from Basel and other parts of Switzerland.

Join us on this discovery tour and find out more about cultural transformation and the fascinating things that grow from it!

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A Bavarian dirndl made of African wax prints, © MKB
A Bavarian dirndl made of African wax prints, © MKB