Anatomisches Museum der Universität Basel

The Fascinating World of Muscles, Sinews and Fasciae. Use it or lose it!

11.02.2016 - 12.08.2018

A human being has 650 different muscles, which are used not only for movement or for showing off. Of vital importance for example, is the heart muscle. Eating, breathing, speaking and laughing would also be impossible without muscles. People who train their muscles stay mentally fit and also stimulate their energy metabolism and stem cell production. People who move stay strong and smart. Muscles work in connection with fasciae, a still mysterious connective tissue that covers each bone and each organ. Each person carries around some 20 kilos of fasciae.

The exhibition casts a multi-facetted light on the construction, functioning and trainability of muscles, sinews and the unknown sensory organ fasciae as well as on various illnesses and their possible treatments.

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