Antikenmuseum Basel und Sammlung Ludwig

CULTURESCAPES: The Decline of Heroes

20.10.2017 - 21.01.2018

The Decline of Heroes, curated by CULTURESCAPES co-curator Kateryna Botanova, is a group show overlapping contemporary artistic visions on the roles of heroes with the ancient ones.

Intervening into the part of permanent collection of Anikenmuseum, called "The Greeks and Their World: Identity and Ideals”, this exhibition shows ideals and identities shaken and shocked by multiple crises that hit the country and made it yet again face its history.

The exhibition asks uneasy questions: Should there be a hero at all? Where does this urge to find someone to put on the burden and the responsibilities of changing this inadequate world come from? What if we are entering a whole new different world now - the world without the heroes, the world, where no one can save anyone anymore?

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Discobolus by Spyros Staveris
Discobolus by Spyros Staveris