Augusta Raurica, Augst

Divine Fragrances

09.09. | 13.00  langue étrangère

Fragrances act immediately and directly to our sensibility. In ancient times fragrant incenses were sacrificed to the gods to keep negative elements away or simply to spread a sense of personal well-being. Which perfumes were used in the ceremonies and in the private homes? Where did they come from and how were they used? Using mortars and pestles in the Roman way, we process herbs and resins to make our own incense. You can take your handmade mixtures home with you afterwards - together with many tips for how to use them.

Duration: approx. 1.5 hours
Suitable for children from school age
Meeting point: Museum reception
CHF 16.-/CHF 8.- (including entrance tickets for the museum)
Tickets must be purchased prior to the event at the museum reception.


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