Crockery-stories: Making pots in the Roman way

Fand am July 21, 2024 statt

Teilnehmende vom Workshop töpfern ihre eigene Schale aus Ton
As on a real archaeological excavation, we handle original 2000 years old sherds and ask the questions: What did the whole vessel look like? How did the Romans use it? We find out how Roman dishes were made on the potter's wheel, put together broken beakers and pots, and model our own bowl of clay.
Start: 13.00
Duration: approx. 1.5 hours
Age: Children from 6 years of age.
Meeting point: Museum reception
CHF 16.–/CHF 8.– (including entrance tickets for the museum)
Tickets must be purchased prior to the event at the museum reception.
Wheelchair accessible
Visitors to the museum and the Roman house as well as participants in workshops and guided tours from 12 years of age are required to wear a face mask.