Dinos & Sauriers – Living Images of the Past

Permanent exhibition

July 15, 2024 | closed
Opening hours
Monday closed
Tuesday to Sunday
10:00 - 17:00 Uhr
How did the dinosaurs live? What did they eat? How quickly did they grow? Why did they get so big? And what was their social behaviour like? Our permanent exhibition offers plenty of answers to these and other questions. We'll show you that, actually, dinosaurs were far from being just primitive monsters.
Our permanent exhibition will give you an impression of how the world looked 150 million years ago, and what sort of landscapes the dinosaurs roamed. And what many people still don't know is that we've found dinosaurs in Switzerland, too. We show remarkable objects and the latest of our findings.
In addition to a dynamic reconstructed skeleton of a 7.5-metre-long Allosaurus, we also have a 3D, life-sized model of the Plateosaurus, which was once common in Switzerland, on display. Equally sensational is the embryo of a Psittacosaurus that has been preserved in its egg. We also showcase the world's only finding of the same creature, where the skin contours, the imprints of the scales and bristles on the tail are still visible.
A sand box containing the hidden skeleton of a tiny carnivore invites children to scrabble around to try and find it. A diorama with 3D reconstructions shows the underwater world at the time of the dinosaurs.