Data Protection

This website uses so-called server log files, i.e. data about every access to the server. Server log files are stored for at least six months for security reasons. This website also uses cookies. Cookies are text files that are stored on the visitor’s computer when they visit this website. The next time the user visits from the same device, the cookies are sent back to this website’s server. On the one hand this makes it possible for users to tailor the content, and on the other hand, the site operator uses cookies for statistical analyses and to continuously improve the use of the website. Cookies can be disabled or partially disabled in the browser settings.

The display of maps and locations on this website works off Google Maps. When a geographical map is requested from Google Maps, data is sent to one of its servers, which may not be located in Switzerland or the EU. Google then processes the information collected, such as the requested content, IP addresses or cookies. This website also uses Google Analytics. This service is used to analyse user behaviour on the website. Google Analytics also uses cookies and sends the information collected in this way to a Google server in the USA where it is then stored. In addition to disabling cookies in the browser settings, a browser plugin can also be used to prevent information being sent to and used by Google Inc.