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About the institution

The Kunstmuseum Basel ranks among the most renowned institutions of its kind in Europe and beyond. Its world-famous collection, the Öffentliche Kunstsammlung Basel, now encompasses around 4.000 paintings, sculptures, installations, and videos as well as 300.000 drawings and prints from seven centuries. Its historic nucleus is the Amerbach Cabinet, the art collection built by Basilius Amerbach, a prominent citizen of Basel. It was purchased by the city and the university in 1661 and displayed to the public starting in 1671, arguably making it the world's oldest municipal art collection.

Since the inauguration of the new building and the reopening of the refurbished main building in mid-April 2016, the Kunstmuseum Basel has three venues for the presentation of its treasures.




Hauptbau: St. Alban-Graben 16 | Neubau: St. Alban-Graben 20 | Gegenwart: St. Alban-Rheinweg 60 | 4010 Basel
T +41 (0)61 206 62 62 | Fax +41 (0)61 206 62 52

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Disabled visitors

Wheelchair accessible


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Gegenwart | Neubau | Hauptbau
CHF 16.-/8.-
CHF 23.-/16.- for special exhibitions

Admission to the Kunstmuseum Basel's collections (Gegenwart, new building, main building) is free on Tue, Wed, Fri, Sa 17 - 18 h.

Free sunday
On the first sunday of the month free entrance in collection and exhibitions. Does not apply for special exhibitions.

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Opening hours

Gegenwart | Neubau | Hauptbau
tue - sun 10 - 18 h
thursday 10 - 20 h

Kunstmuseum Basel | new building, Photo: Julian Salinas
Kunstmuseum Basel | new building, Photo: Julian Salinas