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A statement by the directors of Basel’s museums

The museums of Basel are opening their doors to all protection and asylum seekers, persons with provisional residence permits (categories F, N and S) and recognised refugees (B permit) for museum visits free of charge.

For several weeks now, we have been witnesses of an irresponsible war in Europe, which we most sharply condemn. Russia’s brutal and merciless invasion of Ukraine and the immeasurable suffering it has brought and continues to bring to countless people, together with the ongoing destruction of homes, homeland and cultural goods, have left us deeply affected and ultimately speechless. Our thoughts are with the Ukrainians themselves and all others worldwide who are willing to denounce this aggression and take a stand for peace and freedom despite intimidation or threats to their liberty and life. 

Basel’s museums stand for openness and access to education, research and culture for all. We are people from different backgrounds who are committed to working in the fields of arts, culture, nature and the environment, and who are keen to share the knowledge and the treasures we are custodians of with as wide an audience as possible. All our activities are based on ethical and democratic values and on the conviction that no-one should be barred from access to education, scientific insight and culture.

We firmly reject all forms of violence, war, aggression and destruction, as well as any attacks on free and critical thinking and the associated cultural goods. Our mission is to contribute to a better understanding of the world and a positive development of our society. We are convinced that science, research and culture must pursue the common goals of connecting people, benefiting them and enhancing their ability to live their life in full. Ways of expanding knowledge, gaining new insights and sharing them must remain open to all without restrictions or barricades – both now and in future. 


The following museums are granting access free of charge:

Antikenmuseum Basel, Andrea Bignasca
Augusta Raurica, Lilian Raselli
Ausstellungsraum Klingental, Thomas Heimann
Anatomisches Museum der Universität Basel, Magdalena Müller-Gerbl
Basler Papiermühle, Britta Graf 
Cartoonmuseum Basel, Anette Gehrig
Fondation Beyeler, Sam Keller
HEK, Sabine Himmelsbach
Historisches Museum Basel, Marc Zehntner
Jüdisches Museum der Schweiz, Naomi Lubrich 
Kunsthalle Basel, Elena Filipovic
Kunsthaus Baselland, Ines Goldbach 
Kunstmuseum Basel, Josef Helfenstein 
MUKS – Museum Kultur und Spiel, Julia Nothelfer
Museum.BL, Marc Limat
Museum der Kulturen Basel, Anna Schmid 
Museum Tinguely, Roland Wetzel 
Naturhistorisches Museum Basel, David Alder & Basil Thüring
Pharmaziemuseum, Philippe Wanner
S AM, Andreas Ruby
Spielzeug Welten Museum Basel, Sibille Arnold
Vitra Design Museum*, Mateo Kries

*Restrictions on crossing the border to Germany remain reserved.


Head of the museum directors conference

Basil Thüring, Co-Director
Naturhistorisches Museum Basel